johnnydivo (johnnydivo) wrote in dj_classroom,

New Dance Music Website : Diva Divo!

Hey everybody,

Wanted to let you know about a new, online magazine for dance music fans: DIVA DIVO!

Basically, it's for people who love hot, mainstream dance music... those who sing it, spin it, and dance to it. Every month, the site highlights a featured DIVA and DIVO. Plus there's weekly CD reviews, tour dates, and a daily BEAT BLOG that me and my pal, Jade, keep up on a regular basis.

This month, we kick off with AMBER (who, by the way, contributed a special videotaped welcome on the front page!) and LUCAS PRATA.AND we rank the 20 Greatest Dance Songs of the 2000s. Plus plenty more.

Check out the site, check out the blog... and check it daily, cause there's always something new!

Hope you like the site! And please, spread the word!!

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