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Dance music DIVA and DIVO for August!!

Hey all!
Just a warning in advance that this will be cross posted in a few places ;)

Just wanted to let you know that my dance music website ( has been updated with the "DIVA and DIVO of the Month" for AUGUST: DJ Colette and Chris Willis!

I know a lot of you have learned of the site through LiveJournal, but let me explain for newbies: I run an online magazine for dance music fans. Every month we add a feature story and interview on one female and one male artist (our DIVA and DIVO of the month - get it? ;)) Anyway, we also have tons of music reviews, a DIVA DIVO radio, and a daily BEAT BLOG where me and my friend Jade post every day... with news, gossip and tidbits about dance music. We usually manage to get you sneak previews, too... last month our site traffic DOUBLED when we posted the video for Kristine W "Walk Away" a week before its official release... and we also have the famed clip of Madonna's "Candy Shop," her demo with Pharrell Williams that she recorded for her upcoming album. (Don't let Madge find out - she'll kill us! haha)

Anyway, check out the site and congrats to our new DIVA and DIVO: Colette and Chris!!

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